Saturday, 25 August 2012

3 tahun dah habes.

two weeks left to say HI to final year,sem one.
3 years done! 3 years full with memories, good one and of course, there's bad one also. that's life, got ups and downs.

after final exam, first year, first sem. kat cafe bakti permai with my lovely coursemates.

second year,second sem kalau x silap. kak fasha, atiq and safi celebrate my birthday together with  birthday kak ifa sebab birthday kami dekat2.

second year,second sem lepas final exam. dah pandai berjinak-jinak dgn outdoor. belajar dari kiah la nih..hehe. this one, was a great memory.

pimpin siswa. this one was a great one too! third year, first sem. a great experience with a great scar. hahaha.

third year, second sem went for internship. i learnt a lot during my internship. about life, about working experience, about people around me and about people who really care about me. and after this, back to school!

this is kaklong and supir. both will graduate this coming 20th Sept. have a great life out there. i have one more year to settle, insyaAllah.

may my final year runs smoothly.

btw, for my final year,
no more rempuh2 pintu bilik sambil bawak bantal.
no more random msg asking 'nk pape x? kite kat cafe. kite kat tesco. kite kat mydin.'
no more jiling-jiling bila dilanda kebosanan or jiwa kacau.
no more ice-cream secara tiba-tiba di tengah malam.
no more toto licin atas lantai with ulat nk terbelah dua.
no more burger khaleel.
no more kak6-ing.
no more outdoor-ing together.

those memories will always cheer me up when i'm down.
thank you for the memories.great memories. 

i love this picture. and i love the person beside me too.