Thursday, 1 May 2014

makin gemok. sangat. sangat makin gemok.

bak kata kiah, GEMOK TANDA BAHAGIA.

AGREE. strongly AGREE!

sekarang dah makin gemok. hati bahagia je rasa.
walaupun hari-hari macam-macam benda nak kena pikiaq, tapi tetap tak rasa susah hati.
walaupun bos kadang-kadang meroyan, tapi tetap tak rasa nak cabut lari keja tempat lain.
walaupun gaji tak besaq mana, tapi tetap cukup nak belanja hari-hari.
walaupun rumah serba kekurangan, tapi tetap senang hati dok umah.

HATI senang.
JIWA tenang.

aku ada orang yang aku sayang disekeliling aku.
sekeliling bukan bermaksud ada kat kiri kanan aku.
tapi ada di hati aku.
walaupun jauh beratus kilometer, tp tetap dekat sedekat 1 milimeter di hati ni.

gaji tak banyak, tak bermakna hidup tak senang.
kerja tak hebat, tak bermakna hidup tak tenang.
jangan risau, rezeki kita berbeza.
jangan iri hati, bila rezeki kita berbeza.
sebab Allah dah tetapkan segalanya.
sebab Allah lebih tahu selayaknya kita di mana.
sebab Allah kasihkan kita.

mungkin, hidup kau, aku rasa lebih hebat.
tapi, aku tahu, kalau aku di tempat kau, mesti kau rasa diri kau belum cukup hebat.
manusia, mana pernah rasa puas.
lumrah hidup.

aku syukur.
aku senang.
aku bahagia.
ini rezeki aku.

bahagia itu, kita yang kena cari.
kalau dah tau tak bahagia, pergi, cari apa yang buat kau bahagia.
bukan menunggu sampai mati.
menunggu bahagia datang depan mata.

bahagia itu, kita yang tentukan.
apa yang boleh buat kita bahagia.
skala bahagia kita tak sama.
tak akan sama.
kita semua berbeza.

moga hati ini tetap begini.
moga hati ini tidak berbolak-balik.
moga hati ini semakin bahagia.

Monday, 21 April 2014

let her go. forever.

it's been a year.
yup, a year, after almost five years.
it's not something that u can delete from your memory
just like clicking delete button.

yeah, i moved on.
i leave it behind, and i didn't turn back.
but all of those memories, they're still sticking to my head.
i'm remove them, slowly.
a year passed, and i'm not sure how many percent its gone.

there's new hope, new goal, and i have to keep my head up.

appreciate what u have now, not what u had once.

thank you for letting me to learn how to face this life.
best wishes for you, and your life.
may Allah be with you,always.

april. it should be march. but i chose to wait. and i had waited for so long.. and now, am no longer waiting.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

it's April, your month! :)

it's been a while since last i met u.
i think it's last month, when i went back to Penang with my brother.
it's just about 3 hours meet up right?
and i miss u already.

but i'm going home next month...
hoping to meet u and supir, together.
coz every time we met up, supir wasn't there.
i wanna have ice cream with both of u.
eat some yummy foods....
watch movies...
bowling like crazy for an hour or two...
or just sit and chat for hours...
like the old days.

I really miss u guys.

with lots of love,
org jauh.

Happy Birthday, my dear Zakiah Ramle!
best wishes for you, your master project, your life ahead, and for future husband.
i can pray nothing else, only for your happiness now and always.
love you always.

Escape Level 3 bila pulak nihhh?

level english yg tahap berterabuuuuuurrrrr....but who cares??? haha.