Sunday, 20 April 2014

it's April, your month! :)

it's been a while since last i met u.
i think it's last month, when i went back to Penang with my brother.
it's just about 3 hours meet up right?
and i miss u already.

but i'm going home next month...
hoping to meet u and supir, together.
coz every time we met up, supir wasn't there.
i wanna have ice cream with both of u.
eat some yummy foods....
watch movies...
bowling like crazy for an hour or two...
or just sit and chat for hours...
like the old days.

I really miss u guys.

with lots of love,
org jauh.

Happy Birthday, my dear Zakiah Ramle!
best wishes for you, your master project, your life ahead, and for future husband.
i can pray nothing else, only for your happiness now and always.
love you always.

Escape Level 3 bila pulak nihhh?

level english yg tahap berterabuuuuuurrrrr....but who cares??? haha.

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